The SORIN Group is a medical technology leader focused on the development of medical devices for Cardiac Surgery. Sorin products include mechanical valves, (aortic Supra-annular Top Hat, conduits and mitral), tissue valves (Mitroflow), and annuloplasty rings (AnnuloFlex & Memo 3D)). Sorin (formerly Carbomedics in the US for mechanical valves and rings), with a 100% freedom from mechanical valve failure safety record has provided additional industry evolutionary firsts and standards such as: mechanical valve rotation and 1:1 annulus to orifice supra-annular aortic valve placement. For tissue valves, Mitroflow with the unique design of pericardial tissue mounted on the outside of the tissue valve stent provides the industry's greatest hemodynamic and flow characteristics with over 20 years of exceptional clinical data.

Corazon Medical represents Sorin in Ohio, West Virginia (Huntington) and Kentucky (Ashland).

Scott Weaver